July Flowers and More Table Decor Ideas For Your Fourth

4 Jul

Fourth of July Flowers Add a Pop

Happy Fourth of July, Bloomies! In honor of the independence of this fine country of ours, I thought I would start off my NEW blog with a fun post about decorating for outdoor dining. Flowers are not just for formal occasions! Give your outdoor gathering a touch of class with these ideas for simple flower arrangements and more.

Red, White and Blue Fourth of July Flowers for Your Holiday Table

Theme driven centerpieces are fun, and what better theme to work around than the Fourth of July? The holiday has a built in color scheme that you can organize around. Think red, white and blue flowers, containers, and other touches like ribbons and candles. A beautiful blue glass pitcher with red and white flowers would look lovely on any Fourth of July table. Add a few ribbons for some extra flair. Candles add a soft glow if your party lingers into evening, and if they’re citronella they keep bugs at bay.

Try Sunny Summer Colors for Your Flower Arrangements

While typically you might think of red, white and blue as the only way to go for a festive Fourth of July flowers, there are lots of other fun ways and colors to incorporate flowers into your party decor. You can do a summer theme from a different angle. Along with citrus fruits, yellow flowers bring a sunny, lemonade theme to your table. Sliced lemons, oranges or grapefruits can go into a clear container to give visual interest in an arrangement (just remember to change the water often to keep it from getting murky). Serve fresh lemonade on the same table in keeping with the theme.

Simple Fourth of July Flowers For an Understated Table

The setting is generally casual and outdoors, which means simple flower arrangements can have a big impact. One way to use flowers on your table but keep costs down is using individual blooms at each place setting. You can tuck one into a napkin ring or a small vase as a place holder. Small vases scattered down the center of a table with one or two flowers in each is a sweet, understated way to add punch to your table.

Other Fourth of July Table Decoration Ideas

Consider edible herbs as a table topper. Functional centerpieces can be fun and useful if you add potted herbs or fruit topiaries to your table. Rosemary, mint, parsley and sage are all beautiful, fragrant and tasty!

Fruit serves as an appetizer or dessert, especially if served along side yogurt or chocolate sauce for dipping.

Non-florals are good for a kid centered party; pinwheels, fake butterflies (or other bugs, if it’s a boy’s party) and cake pops all invite the kiddos to entertain themselves at the table, and pinwheels can also serve as a party favor at the end of the get-together.

Thanks For Reading!

I hope these tips are useful and make you think of using flowers for your next casual event. If you don’t feel like doing them yourself, give me a call and I can create something just for your event! To thank you for reading, I’m offering free delivery for orders over $75.00 for the month of July. You can learn more about my services on my website www.jblooms.com.

See you at your next backyard get together!


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