Unusual July Holidays

11 Jul

3 Unique July Holidays Just Perfect For Flowers

When we think of July holidays, there are plenty of ways to celebrate national pride. There is, of course, Independence Day on the 4th, Canada Day on the 1st (I’m sure there are some Canadian transplants among my Portland readers), and Bastille Day on the 14th (for the Francophiles among us). What about those other July holidays, the lesser known, more ridiculous holidays?

Let’s Celebrate the Other July Holidays

I Forgot Day, July 2nd

Did you forget a birthday, anniversary, or some other big milestone?  This is the most ironic of the July holidays — it seems doomed to be forgotten! It is however a perfect opportunity to clear the air and say you’re sorry with a lovely flower arrangement or bouquet. It’s hard to stay mad in the face of flowers.

Cheer Up The Lonely Day, July 11th

Today, July 11th, is Cheer Up the Lonely Day! What better way to cheer someone than with flowers? Doesn’t even have to be someone you know. Take flowers to a stranger who looks sad, or seems lonely.

Cousin’s Day, July 24th

Cousins the best of both worlds. They’re somewhere between siblings and friends, and you love them. I bet you have at least ONE cousin who enjoys flowers. In fact, I’m sure all of your cousins enjoy flowers! Who doesn’t?

Free delivery This Month!

One more great reason to celebrate these wacky July holidays — free delivery all month! In the month of July, all orders at jblooms.com over $75.00 have NO delivery charge!

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