July Birth Flower: Larkspur

18 Jul

Think Larkspur For July Birthdays

Good Morning, Bloomies! Hope you have been enjoying your July. It’s been going super fast! Before the month is over, I wanted to tell you all about the July birth flower, Larkspur.

It is considered the birth flower for the month of July, or the sign of Cancer (June 22-July 22). Associating a certain flower to a certain month goes all the way back to Roman times, when the presents given focused on things linked to when you were born; the flowers in bloom during that month, and the gemstones associated with your zodiac sign.

Larkspur: “Open Heart”

Victorian times brought about the use of flower meanings and messages. It generally means “open heart” or “ardent attachment”. However, to send someone pink larkspur indicates fickleness. White larkspur means joyfulness or being happy-go-lucky, and purple means you have a sweet disposition. Interestingly, blue Larkspur is actually NOT associated with July, despite the fact that this is the most common color this flower can be found in.

Larkspur is a member of the Genus Delphinium, in the Ranunculae family. While a very similar flower to Delphinium, it IS different. Larkspur’s florets are farther apart, with fewer blooms to a stem. The leaves are finer and have deeper cuts than the Delphinium leaves. Larkspur can be found in blue, purples, pink and white. It is a tall stalk, with individual florets alternating down the stem. It is a perennial, but only reseeds for 2-3 years. After that it must be replanted.

Larkspur for Any Celebration

Nowadays, we’ve stopped using individual flowers for their less known meanings, instead, flowers are generally used to bring cheer or sympathy. Larkspur is dramatic and useful in gardeny arrangements, wedding work, or new baby bouquets, since it comes in the traditional pink for girls and blue for boys.

Do you know a July baby, new or otherwise? A birthday flower bouquet with larkspur worked in is a nice gift, and a nod to the tradition of birth month flowers (and less dear than rubies!) Are you getting married in July, or celebrating an anniversary? Think of Larkspur for your flowers. Really, any July celebration is a good reason to think of this classic flower.

Whatever the occasion this month, give me a call and I will put together a beautiful July flower arrangement, with Larkspur if you’d like. Remember all arrangements over 75.00 have free delivery this month only!

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