Feathers and Food Oh My! Ideas for Unique Wedding Flowers

25 Jul

Would You Put Feathers or Food In Your Bridal Bouquet?

I’ve been busy the last two weeks doing flowers for some photo shoots. I’m excited to have some great professional shots of my work to use on my website and blog. These shoots were wedding based, which just reminds me that the wedding season is still far from over. Spring comes late here in Oregon, and the late summers are beautiful, so our wedding season is really from July to October. Before I get too off course, I wanted to share two of my favorite inspirations for creative and unique wedding flowers- feathers and food. Creative weddings are exciting!

Feathers and Flowers

Feathers are fun! They are an easy way to incorporate bold or complex colors. They are also a great way to add a new texture to your wedding flowers. You can pull the theme throughout your wedding decor too. Think feathers in your flowers, the men’s boutonnieres, your hair, and the table arrangements. What a way to bring all those elements together.

I’ve done pink roses with baby’s breath and black feathers, and several varieties of red roses with black feathers. The bold black really makes the other colors pop. Both weddings were unique to the couple, and the flowers were able to help reflect that uniqueness with the addition of feathers.

Food Can be Included!

Food is an essential element of any wedding, but usually it stays on the plate. If you and your honey are real foodies, why not include food in your wedding flowers? Edibles are a fantastic trend that can be a lot of fun.

Last summer I did the flowers for a fun chef couple out of Salem. She wanted peacock fathers and peacock hues, which I gave her. (Way to go feathers!) I also incorporated a BIG part of the couple’s life by adding edibles to the bouquet. Herbs and vegetables were woven into the flowers to make a real statement. We used parsley, rosemary, kale, french radishes and green beans in her bouquet! I also included regular flowers like hydrangea to create a unique bouquet.

Imagine lemons, limes, kiwis, oranges or grapes in your floral arrangements. Mushrooms and a mossy log invoke the forest. Herbs are pretty and smell great. If you keep the roots attached they can double as a favor. A foodie’s wedding flower dream!

Have Fun With Your Flowers

I hope this post got your creativity wheels turning, and you incorporate some unique elements into your wedding flowers. Remember, these are just some ideas to get you started. Your wedding flowers will be a reflection of your tastes and interests, and it’s great to get creative with your flowers. Whatever you do, have fun!

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