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Colorful Flowers Make a Great Hostess Gift

29 Aug

For the Hostess With the Mostess

It’s true. You can only give wine so many times. As hostess gifts go, it’s predictable, and what if she doesn’t like wine? Or THAT type of wine? Oops! Here’s my suggestion: bring her flowers! If you’re a true Bloomie, you’ve already brought a big bunch of colorful flowers to a party, and know just how welcomed they are. Here how to make sure they’re always well received.

What Flowers Make Good Hostess Gifts?

Sunflowers and roses make a perfect pairing for an autumn dinner party hostess gift.

Often, a hostess is so busy planning the food and beverages for an event, simple decorating touches like flowers can get overlooked. Sure, there might be other decor or theme decorations around, but fresh flowers can give the party space that extra oomph! There are several ways to give hostess gifts involving flowers, and options for every budget and and taste. Continue reading


Bright Colors of Exotic Flowers Bring That Sunny Feeling Home

22 Aug

Extend Your Vacation with Exotic Flowers at Home

Hello Bloomies! August is flying right by and that means we’re nearing the end of the vacation time for 2012. However, I know a secret: you can bring your vacation bliss home with an arrangement of exotic flowers. The bright colors and intense perfumes will bring your mind right back to the beach.

Did you visit Mexico, or Hawaii, or some other tropical place this summer? Why look at pictures of bird of paradise, or orchids, or ginger from where you WERE when you can have live, fresh versions of the same to enjoy HERE at home? Many exotic flowers native to those locales are available locally.

Exotic Flowers are Easy

You’re just back from a relaxing vacation, and the last thing you want to do is care for delicate flowers While, exotic flowers can cost a bit more than a more common mainland blooms, but they generally last longer and require less maintenance.

They enjoy heat and drier climates, and tend to hold their color and form. The stunning stems of many exotic flowers can easily last two or three weeks. The bold structures and deep, bright colors typical in tropical arrangements are popular among men and complement any decor, which makes them an easy choice for anyone.

Try Some of These Classic Tropicals in Your Home


Orchids last much longer when cut and submerged in water. Orchids drink from their faces as well as their stems, so keeping them under water extends their lives.

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise are brilliant and bold, and quite resilient. Their shape evokes the flighted creatures of your travels.


Ginger blooms are tall and strong, but don’t hold the strong scent of the edible root. It is

Lobster Claw

Lobster claw looks a bit like a Bird of Paradise, but comes in more colors and works well as a contrast. These stunning stems can last two or three weeks.


Anthirium has a heart shaped face that is waxy in appearance, and comes in several colors to mix and match with other tropicals. Only one or two stems are needed to create a beautiful vacation memory inside your home.

Exotic Flowers in Arrangements

Tropical Foliage

Tropical foliage is also beautiful, accentuates the tropical flowers and adds some ‘filler’ to a trpoical flower arrangement so you can buy fewer stems but keep the same impact. I love Ti leaves (in green and burgundy), aspidistra with it’s variegated striping, and anything reminicent of a palm frond.

Play Up the Bright Colors

I prefer exotic flowers in a black container, as the contrast allows for the bright colors of the flowers to stand out and make their own statement. Whatever exotic flowers you enjoy most, treat yourself to an arrangement, and ease yourself into the reality of coming back from vacation.

Flowers For Sunday Dinner

15 Aug

Flowers On the Table Make Family Dinners Special

Recently, my family started a new tradition of family dinners, bi-monthly on Sundays. While it’s not a formal affair, flowers on the dinner table seem to make the evenings just a little more special. For many of us, it can be hard to get everyone to the table at the same time, and Sunday dinner is a time to re-connect with our larger family, and make time for each other, and that is certainly something to celebrate.

Fresh Flowers Add That Something Extra

Indoors or out, fresh flowers add interest, fragrance and beauty to the table. Flowers simpy add to the memories of a happy, love-filled evening with family. We all know that food is a multi-sensory experience, from the sight of the presentation, to the smell coming from the kitchen, and of course delicious taste. Flowers add a finishing touch to the experience, and can really make a simple family dinner an occasion.

Just one fresh bloom, a few tied together, or several in small containers down the center of your table can add the oomph without busting your budget. This simple bunch is tucked into a glass for a simple statement.

You can let your menu choices inspire your flowers or vice-versa. Play up a simple Cuban Sandwich, with a side of Avocado Salad and a tropical flower arrangement like this one. Now it’s a party!

Try roses or something more victorian for an English meal such as the classic, humble Shepherd’s Pie, or a more refined Roasted Cod and Saffron Mashed Potatoes. Are you hungry yet? This simple, elegant yellow and white arrangement is perfect for either meal.

There’s till plenty of summer left for dining ‘al fresco’, and daisies or sunflowers are perfect for an all american cookout. Get that grill going!

There are a TON of options for your many family dinners to come, and plenty of opportunities to gather with your clan with a bunch of fresh flowers to make it special. You don’t have to wait for the holidays to celebrate life! Use your imagination or pick my brain to create that special evening with your family.

DIY Centerpieces with Blumebox

8 Aug

Cute Containers for DIY Centerpieces And Other Floral Arrangements

It’s a DIY Centerpiece and a gift in one. This strawberry plant is ready to be planted in the garden after the festivities are over. From

Today I wanted to talk about do-it-yourself floral projects and a really cool local company that can help you achieve those DIY dreams. Blumebox knows that not all floral (or creative) containers need to be glass, or plastic. They also show us that you can have affordable, re-usable containers that don’t look cheap. They can be square or rhomboid, and cardboard, and collapsible and still really classy. They’re recyclable/reusable, to boot. They are easy on your wallet, on the environment, and on your sanity as you try to pull off fantastic looking DIY centerpieces or other floral arrangements.

DIY Centerpieces In Blumebox Containers: Endless Possibilities

Simple craft paper boxes with added bows let your flowers take center stage. So simple and so chic at the same time. From

I learned about Blumebox at my floral school and thought the concept was really cool. They come in a ton of colors, and four sizes. Technically 5 sizes, if you include the super tiny and sweet blumebud! Each comes with a plastic liner so you can add water to your floral arrangements, but the box is still collapsible.

There are accessories like patterned strips to add to the sides, or a marabou boa to ring the top. But, if you are even a little creative, there are a million combinations of amazing you can do right at home! Pick a blumebox color, find matching or contrasting paper, and make your ‘own’ blumebox style just with that paper, scissors, a pencil and glue.

Add bling. Some rhinestones come ready with adhesive, and are already in patterns. So do pearls, bows, buttons and a bunch of other cute things. Stickers, monograms, photos, sprinkles, crayons, glitter and ribbon all can go on them. Basically, anything you can scrapbook, you can “Blumebox”.

Think Outside the Blumebox: DIY Centerpieces Don’t Have to Be Floral Arrangements

Blumebox makes a great display container for these birthday wands. How Cute! From

You don’t have to just use them for flowers, either. I’ve seen them used as plate stands, cake pop holders, candy jars, placeholders, favor boxes, and pinwheel holders. Their blog,, has a ton of cute ideas to inspire you. Baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, at home parties, the options are endless!

Do you love to do DIY floral arrangements and other crafty things? Share with us!

August Flower: Hello Poppy!

1 Aug

Poppy, The August Flower Loves the Heat

Hello, Bloomies, can you believe it’s August already? The weather will hopefully now start getting to temperatures I like. In hot weather, it’s easy to grow the August flower, Poppy! It is one of the flowers for birthdays this month, and in my opinion, much more suited to a birthday celebration than Gladiolas.  Though quite lovely, they are often used in funeral arrangements. Here are some fun facts about the fairer August flower.

A Wide Variety of Poppies

There are 11 different genera of poppies, but the most common poppy flowers we know of are in the papaver genera. They come in white, red, red-orange,orange, and yellow-orange, and generally have yellow or black centers. They are fairly delicate flowers, with big, showy blooms, and provide strong, bulbous pods after the petals fade. I love to use the pods in my decorating, as they have a beautiful color and they provide interesting texture.

Poppies in Myth and Legend

Poppies are associated with a few Greek Gods, including Demeter the goddess of fertility and agriculture. The poppy is also linked to Hypnos, Nyx and Thanatos, the Gods of sleep, night, and death. This is most likely due to the fact that the sap from a poppy pod is a sedative; in some types of poppies it is strong enough to be used for opioids. There’s also that modern legend about eating too many poppy seeds leading to failed drug tests. Don’t worry, it takes A LOT.

The Meaning of Poppies

Giving someone a poppy doesn’t mean you want to put them to sleep (unless you are the Wicked Witch of the West), it actually means evanescent pleasure, or fantastic extravagance. That’s a much nicer message! It is this message that resonates in the art world. The red poppy was a recurring theme in art deco period paintings, fabrics and color palettes. Think about it- red lipstick, red nails, red curtains, red walls. A dramatic and beautiful statement to make. It still is popular today. No wonder there are so many nail polishes and lipsticks and paint chips and fabrics called Poppy or Poppy Red or Red Poppy!

Poppies in Floral Arrangements

While we don’t see too many poppies in the floral design world because they are truly delicate and the season is fleeting. there are a couple of flowers that have a similar appearance. White Anenomes and white ranunculous resemble white poppies, but are much smaller. Sounds like I need to plant this beautiful August Flower in my cutting garden to use next summer!

Thanks for reading Bloomies, talk to you next week!