DIY Centerpieces with Blumebox

8 Aug

Cute Containers for DIY Centerpieces And Other Floral Arrangements

It’s a DIY Centerpiece and a gift in one. This strawberry plant is ready to be planted in the garden after the festivities are over. From

Today I wanted to talk about do-it-yourself floral projects and a really cool local company that can help you achieve those DIY dreams. Blumebox knows that not all floral (or creative) containers need to be glass, or plastic. They also show us that you can have affordable, re-usable containers that don’t look cheap. They can be square or rhomboid, and cardboard, and collapsible and still really classy. They’re recyclable/reusable, to boot. They are easy on your wallet, on the environment, and on your sanity as you try to pull off fantastic looking DIY centerpieces or other floral arrangements.

DIY Centerpieces In Blumebox Containers: Endless Possibilities

Simple craft paper boxes with added bows let your flowers take center stage. So simple and so chic at the same time. From

I learned about Blumebox at my floral school and thought the concept was really cool. They come in a ton of colors, and four sizes. Technically 5 sizes, if you include the super tiny and sweet blumebud! Each comes with a plastic liner so you can add water to your floral arrangements, but the box is still collapsible.

There are accessories like patterned strips to add to the sides, or a marabou boa to ring the top. But, if you are even a little creative, there are a million combinations of amazing you can do right at home! Pick a blumebox color, find matching or contrasting paper, and make your ‘own’ blumebox style just with that paper, scissors, a pencil and glue.

Add bling. Some rhinestones come ready with adhesive, and are already in patterns. So do pearls, bows, buttons and a bunch of other cute things. Stickers, monograms, photos, sprinkles, crayons, glitter and ribbon all can go on them. Basically, anything you can scrapbook, you can “Blumebox”.

Think Outside the Blumebox: DIY Centerpieces Don’t Have to Be Floral Arrangements

Blumebox makes a great display container for these birthday wands. How Cute! From

You don’t have to just use them for flowers, either. I’ve seen them used as plate stands, cake pop holders, candy jars, placeholders, favor boxes, and pinwheel holders. Their blog,, has a ton of cute ideas to inspire you. Baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, at home parties, the options are endless!

Do you love to do DIY floral arrangements and other crafty things? Share with us!

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