Bright Colors of Exotic Flowers Bring That Sunny Feeling Home

22 Aug

Extend Your Vacation with Exotic Flowers at Home

Hello Bloomies! August is flying right by and that means we’re nearing the end of the vacation time for 2012. However, I know a secret: you can bring your vacation bliss home with an arrangement of exotic flowers. The bright colors and intense perfumes will bring your mind right back to the beach.

Did you visit Mexico, or Hawaii, or some other tropical place this summer? Why look at pictures of bird of paradise, or orchids, or ginger from where you WERE when you can have live, fresh versions of the same to enjoy HERE at home? Many exotic flowers native to those locales are available locally.

Exotic Flowers are Easy

You’re just back from a relaxing vacation, and the last thing you want to do is care for delicate flowers While, exotic flowers can cost a bit more than a more common mainland blooms, but they generally last longer and require less maintenance.

They enjoy heat and drier climates, and tend to hold their color and form. The stunning stems of many exotic flowers can easily last two or three weeks. The bold structures and deep, bright colors typical in tropical arrangements are popular among men and complement any decor, which makes them an easy choice for anyone.

Try Some of These Classic Tropicals in Your Home


Orchids last much longer when cut and submerged in water. Orchids drink from their faces as well as their stems, so keeping them under water extends their lives.

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise are brilliant and bold, and quite resilient. Their shape evokes the flighted creatures of your travels.


Ginger blooms are tall and strong, but don’t hold the strong scent of the edible root. It is

Lobster Claw

Lobster claw looks a bit like a Bird of Paradise, but comes in more colors and works well as a contrast. These stunning stems can last two or three weeks.


Anthirium has a heart shaped face that is waxy in appearance, and comes in several colors to mix and match with other tropicals. Only one or two stems are needed to create a beautiful vacation memory inside your home.

Exotic Flowers in Arrangements

Tropical Foliage

Tropical foliage is also beautiful, accentuates the tropical flowers and adds some ‘filler’ to a trpoical flower arrangement so you can buy fewer stems but keep the same impact. I love Ti leaves (in green and burgundy), aspidistra with it’s variegated striping, and anything reminicent of a palm frond.

Play Up the Bright Colors

I prefer exotic flowers in a black container, as the contrast allows for the bright colors of the flowers to stand out and make their own statement. Whatever exotic flowers you enjoy most, treat yourself to an arrangement, and ease yourself into the reality of coming back from vacation.

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