Colorful Flowers Make a Great Hostess Gift

29 Aug

For the Hostess With the Mostess

It’s true. You can only give wine so many times. As hostess gifts go, it’s predictable, and what if she doesn’t like wine? Or THAT type of wine? Oops! Here’s my suggestion: bring her flowers! If you’re a true Bloomie, you’ve already brought a big bunch of colorful flowers to a party, and know just how welcomed they are. Here how to make sure they’re always well received.

What Flowers Make Good Hostess Gifts?

Sunflowers and roses make a perfect pairing for an autumn dinner party hostess gift.

Often, a hostess is so busy planning the food and beverages for an event, simple decorating touches like flowers can get overlooked. Sure, there might be other decor or theme decorations around, but fresh flowers can give the party space that extra oomph! There are several ways to give hostess gifts involving flowers, and options for every budget and and taste.

Let the Party Theme Determine the Flowers

One way to decide which big, beautiful, bunch of colorful flowers you’ll bring is consider the theme of the party. Is your hostess having a Parisienne themed cocktail party? Romantic flowers  like garden roses, ranunculus and hydrangeas in a silver toned vase will reflect the party theme and add a touch of ooh-la-la. Fall parties will blossom with the addition of mums, Dahlias, or sunflowers in a cute galvanized tub.  Super fancy New Years bash? Contrasting white flowers against a black container with silver accents is upscale and dramatic.

Know Your Hostess

Close buds with the hostess? Then you know the secrets to making sure she LOVES your flowers. Think of her home. Does any particular color stand out? Use something from her tastes in the arrangement you order to make it shine. Think: peacock feathers, animal prints, plaids, accent colors. Is she into simple and white? Use the opportunity to grab really colorful flowers,and make the flowers stand in for a statement art piece.

Considerations When You Bring Flowers to the Party

A vase of simple yet colorful flowers is just the thing if you’re looking for unique hostess gifts.

Flower Allergies

If you don’t know your hostess well and are unsure of any allergies she may have, going with non-fragrant flowers is a good idea. Carnations, Daisies, Callas, Delphiniums, and Hydrangea are all fragrance free, as well as some lilies. Make sure to ask when you purchase them.

Bring a Vase

Hosting a party often means a million last minute details to take care of. Hostess gifts should add to the fun, not the stress, so remember to bring them in a vase or other wise ready to display. Don’t make your hostess dig into the back of every cupboard to find a container, then have to arrange, water and feed the flowers, however beautiful, while the sauce burns on the stove. It’s a win win really- no one wants burned sauce, but they do want colorful flowers

Here’s hoping this got the ideas flowing for killer hostess gifts. Remember, it’s a gesture of thanks, and getting flowers is thrilling, so knock with your elbows, flowers in hand, Bloomies!

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