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Men’s Flowers…Really!

25 Sep

Fresh Flowers and Plants for Men are More Common Than You Think

I know. everyone assumes flowers are for girls. But did you know two thirds of my office deliveries are for men? There are several floral options that are more masculine than the typical babies breath and rose arrangement (not that I use babies breath!). From the structured look of tropicals, to the bold size of sunflowers, and the classic look of succulents, there are a ton of great ways to surprise men with florals.

Great Floral Picks For Men

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For Me? Most Women Buy Flowers For Themselves

19 Sep

Women Buy More Flowers for Themselves Than Anyone Else

“Just what I wanted! How did you know?” Most women buy flowers for themselves, for holidays, for the house, or just because. And why not?

I have a secret I want to share. Do you want to hear it?

79% of all floral purchases are BY WOMEN. That makes some sense. Brides are female, generally ordering their own wedding florals. Often female friends will send a baby arrangement to a friend, or host a shower for another. But aren’t most of the other flowers sent from men to their wives, girlfriends, and daughters? Surprisingly, NO. Continue reading

Back to School: Flowers are Just the Thing For Teacher

12 Sep

What to Bring to the New Teacher?

A mug of cheerful flowers is the perfect back to school teacher’s gift.

Ahhh. Hear that Bloomies? It’s the first bell of the School Year! That means it’s time to meet your kid’s new teacher. Back to school also comes with the chance to start the year off right with a small gift for the person who will spend the majority of the next ten months with your child.

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September Flower: Aster

5 Sep

September Birth Flower

Happy Birthday September Bloomies!

It’s almost FALL! This, not-so-secretly, is my favorite time of year. Football, cooler days, the changing leaves. But, it’s also September, which means it’s time to feature this month’s flower, the Aster.

Facts About Aster

Aster comes in white, pink, mauve and purple, often with multiple flower heads on a tall straight stalk that can grow to 6’!

Fragrance free, it grows naturally during the fall, which is how it earned the spot as the September flower. Of course now it’s easy to get them year round, thanks to their popularity and the ease of world wide shipping.

Aster comes from the Latin word for star, chiefly because of it’s multi-petaled daisy-like appearance. It can have a single row of petals, or multiples, depending on the hybrid.

Asters can mean love, faith, wisdom, and valor, or “I share your sentiments”, depending on which flower meaning book or website you look at. It’s a popular flower for mixed bouquets, gardens, and baby arrangements.

Varieties of Aster

New England Aster

There are several types of asters, most are common in the United States. The one most commonly known is the New England Aster (that’s the one I see most often at market), and if you’re here in the Northwest you might be familiar with the Great Northern Aster, which looks similar.

My favorite is the Matsumoto Aster ( AKA China aster) , a large disbud (single bloom) that comes in hot pink and deep purple, each with big yellow centers. They go great with mixed garden arrangements, or with other flowers in the same hue. They’re so bright!

China Aster

Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, or any other celebration, Aster’s bright colors and explosive charachter are the perfect choice for a September occasion.