Back to School: Flowers are Just the Thing For Teacher

12 Sep

What to Bring to the New Teacher?

A mug of cheerful flowers is the perfect back to school teacher’s gift.

Ahhh. Hear that Bloomies? It’s the first bell of the School Year! That means it’s time to meet your kid’s new teacher. Back to school also comes with the chance to start the year off right with a small gift for the person who will spend the majority of the next ten months with your child.

Skip the Traditional Teacher Gifts

Remember that while you’re working, this one person cares for a plethora of children all. day. long. That’s hard work! I think it deserves a special gift.

Back in the day, a teacher gift meant a shiny red apple. It reminds me of a scene from a movie (A Christmas Story?) where the teacher has 35 apples sitting on her desk, and she looks completely overwhelmed. Short of making a pie, I doubt she’d eat all of those apples.

While the “apple for teacher” idea is a bit outdated, teacher gifts still tend to be quite repetitive. These days a Starbucks gift card is the standard go-to for teacher gifts. I’m sure your child’s new teacher will have a drawer full of them by the end of the week. School themed knick-knacks will start to take over the desk top too. A true Bloomie doesn’t do boring- you do plants, and flowers, and otherwise beautiful things, of course.

Flowers as Back to School Teacher Gifts

Here’s a couple of super cute, unique ideas for back to school teacher gifts. How about a mug arrangement of fresh flowers or a potted plant?

A small, inexpensive arrangement in a cute mug, like the arrangement I did above, will add a bit of beauty to the classroom, then can be put to good use. The teacher can enjoy the flowers for a week or so, and then wash the mug and use it for coffee and tea, or pencils and pens.

Alphabet Magnets and Cheery Yellow Flowers For Back to School
From Little Pumpkin Grace

Even better, incorporate school supplies into the arrangement so she can add to her classroom inventory! Rulers, colored pencils, a small pack of crayons can all fit into the arrangement or be attached to the container for an additional punch. Check out this  creative and colorful arrangement.

Cute and Colorful Crayon Arrangement from Plants, Flowers, and Such

You could get a teeny pot and a cute little flowering or non flowering plant to put it in. This is a great idea for the male teachers who might be a little embarrassed to have a mug of flowers on their desk. Guys like plants, too! They can enjoy it at school for as long as they like, and then replant it later if it gets too big for their desk. Ideas for plants include succulents, teeny sweetheart roses, small versions of common houseplants, mums, orchids, and air plants.

What teacher wouldn’t want this gem on their desk?
From Flora Grubb Gardens

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