For Me? Most Women Buy Flowers For Themselves

19 Sep

Women Buy More Flowers for Themselves Than Anyone Else

“Just what I wanted! How did you know?” Most women buy flowers for themselves, for holidays, for the house, or just because. And why not?

I have a secret I want to share. Do you want to hear it?

79% of all floral purchases are BY WOMEN. That makes some sense. Brides are female, generally ordering their own wedding florals. Often female friends will send a baby arrangement to a friend, or host a shower for another. But aren’t most of the other flowers sent from men to their wives, girlfriends, and daughters? Surprisingly, NO.

63% of flower purchases are by women. FOR THEMSELVES! Those roses on her desk… are they really from an admirer? Probably not. Of all the women surveyed, those flowers they were buying for themselves weren’t JUST for decor (13%) or Holiday centerpieces (25%). They were just because, for no special reason. 86% of them, in fact. Those numbers are actually pretty astounding. I assumed until getting into this business that men bought flowers. Now that I am in the business I can see how archaic that statement is. I am now convinced the last time a man bought flowers for a woman was documented on some TV show. And therefore faked.

However, I know you deserve to receive flowers. And I understand the need! To be fair, I am the only person to buy ME flowers. My career as a florist has intimidated any would-be admirers into finding another channel to show their love through, lest I know what amount they spent, or am insulted by inferior craftsmanship. I love chocolate, massages, and wine. Yummy! Still? I would LOVE to get flowers from someone else. It’s thoughtful. A nod to my love of ANY flowers (I try not to discriminate, even though some flowers behave better than others). Each bouquet is a piece of art; a testament for the artist who arranged it. Flowers are such a great expression!

Think I’m making this up? Look at the stats. According to an Ipsos Insight Flora lTrends Consumer Tracking Study in 2005:

  • 79% of total floral purchases are made by women.
  • 63% of women buy flowers for themselves.
  • 86% of these floral purchase are for non-calendar occasions (think dinner parties.)
  • 50% of these flowers were bought for NO special occasion, just because.
  • 13% of the flowers were for home decor in general, not for any particular holiday.

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