Men’s Flowers…Really!

25 Sep

Fresh Flowers and Plants for Men are More Common Than You Think

I know. everyone assumes flowers are for girls. But did you know two thirds of my office deliveries are for men? There are several floral options that are more masculine than the typical babies breath and rose arrangement (not that I use babies breath!). From the structured look of tropicals, to the bold size of sunflowers, and the classic look of succulents, there are a ton of great ways to surprise men with florals.

Great Floral Picks For Men


Tropicals are a great pick for men. Most tropical flowers are non-smelling, bright, and angular. Bamboo, Birds of paradise, and ginger are are strong and bold. Tropical arrangements lend themselves nicely to minimal and sleek arrangements that appeal to men. They are also longer lasting and need less water than, say, lilies.


Sunflowers are a big impact on a stem. They work great in masculine arrangements. They are bright, cheery and non-fragrant.It only takes one or two to make a statement, without a bunch of floof. I like sunflowers for men’s birthday arrangements and sympathy for a man.


Technically orchids are tropicals, and are sometimes used as cut fresh flowers, but they’re most often used as potted plants, so they get their own category. Long lasting, low maintenance and modernly sleek, orchids are the go to flower for many a posh hotel and restaurant. If your guy aligns with the GQ crowd, this is probably a good flower match for him.

Potted Plants

Live plants are a great go-to for men . Since potted plants are not cut fresh flowers, they are low maintenance and last a long time. There are several easy to find man-friendly varieties- think succulents and coleus.


Smelly, girly and fragrant? Yes. But for guys who aren’t afraid to show their feminine side, a fragrant and beautiful flower might be just the thing. You never know.

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