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Time To Take a Breath

31 Oct

Enjoying a Quick Moment of Peace Between Wedding and Holiday Seasons

I finally feel like the wedding season has ended, and I can take a quick breath before the holiday crazies set in. While I take that breather, I am going to make today’s blog a review of the amazing Wedding Experience at the Benson Saturday evening. As you can see, everyone had quite a bit of fun- even those of us working it! That’s me with the silly face, bottom right.

The Wedding Experience Re-Cap

It was the VERY FIRST “Mock Wedding” Bridal show in Portland, and I think it will be hard to top next time. We had a beautiful vintage/Spanish cathedral themed ceremony in the Benson Hotel’s Crystal Ballroom, with lots and lots of candles and a dramatic plum runner. We had cool vintage touches from Something Borrowed, like a twin mattress springs filled with moss and flowers (yes, my car is filthy and smells like dirt, thanks for asking), and a very cool steamer trunk. Thanks to Jessica Dunn of JD Designs for being my guiding force on that project- I know who to turn to in the future for an event planner!

Guests (future brides and their fiances or friends)  enjoyed champagne and passed hors d’ouvres in the lobby while we finalized the touches in the Mayfair Ballroom for Dinner and Dancing. We had Dream Team Events and Francoise Weeks Florals upstairs, with FOUR different themes set up around the room, so our guests could visualize different concepts in the space. After a four course dinner that included beer and wine tasting there was dancing, a photobooth (ahem, evidence above) and cake. We made the “wedding” so realistic, there was even a garter and bouquet toss! The bouquet toss reminded me to make STURDY bouquets for that practice- those girls were vicious and I think half of my bouquet ended up on the floor in pieces. It was an exhausting 18 hour day with a ton of schlepping, but it was fun and I will post details EARLY for the next one. I’ll be sharing event pictures as soon as I get them.

Thanks to all the great couples that came out to party with us. We had a great time!

Happy Halloween: Here’s a Treat, No Tricks!

I had a BIG DEAL at the event I will extend to you, my Bloomies: Book any event or wedding package with me (over 550.00) and I will take 25% off for you! You DO have to book by 11/5, so if you or anyone you know wants to take advantage of this deal, call or email soon!


Halloween Flowers: Spooky or Subtle, It’s Up to You

24 Oct

Halloween Flowers Set the Macabre Mood

My absolute FAVORITE holiday is Halloween. Partly because it’s when fall really hits here in Oregon. It’s colder, dark earlier, and just a little spookier. But really it’s ALL about the decor. I love skulls, bats, witches and spiders. I obsess over anything and everything pumpkin. The fake body parts get scattered around the house. And, of course, I can’t do without Halloween flowers

I know it’s not usually associated with flowers, but Halloween can be a great time for some creative florals. Making flowers into halloween arrangements is a nice challenge. Normally we use flowers to create much different types of moods. Whether it’s to cheer someone up, or add an elegant touch to a dinner party, we don’t normally go to flowers for scary effects, but the results are so much fun! Whether you go for bright and fun or dark and elegant,  it’s sure to be a frightfully fun bouquet…

Fun and Spooky Halloween Flowers

Last year, I went with a very bright theme? Lime green, bright orange, and deep purples add flair to my favorite creepy containers. I even used hanging amaranthus, which almost looked like slime oozing out of my skeleton hand goblet. I fitted a small container inside of a larger one and filled the gap between the two with candy corn. It was very cute, but make sure your candy corn stays dry or it will disintegrate!

Classic Seasonal Halloween Flowers

If a more subtle approach to halloween is what you’re after, it’s easy to add elements into a fall arrangement to make it more dramatic and dark. This year I did a simple textural arrangement in a clear glass container, and focused on the black millet, orange rose hips and bronze magnolia leaves. Burgundy Mokara orchids and Flax fronds add height. Once again, the colors really tie it to the season and the holiday.

My Halloween Favorites

Along with a great floral arrangement that captures the mood of the season, these are the halloween essentials I just can’t live with out:

  • Candy corn
  • Interesting gourds
  • Classic scary movies
  • Purple, black and green color theme
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show

What are the absolute musts for halloween at your house?

Mixing Business and Pleasure: Flowers and Your Work

17 Oct

Get Creative And Beautiful with Your Customer Appreciation

Bloomies, I know you work hard, and I know you love flowers. That’s why we’re mixing business and pleasure here on JBlooms, and connecting to your customers and partners on a more personal basis. What better way to make your customers and partners feel good about doing business with you and your company than flowers?

Flowers Make a Great Impression

When you send flowers to someone at work, you show them that you sincerely value your relationship with them. It puts a smile on their face, and as a gesture of good will , it is light years ahead of email, or even an impersonal card. Of course, a hand written note  never goes out of style, but you can include one with your flowers.

There’s an added bonus to sending flowers to your customers. Not only does it reflect well on your business and brighten their day and a workplace, but gives your client’s office a boost of professionalism and class as well. This in turn makes them look good, and builds their business. Remember, ultimately their success is your success. Even better, if you’re considerate enough to leave a few of your florist’s cards near the bouquet, it can help their business as well. Who knows, your customer might even run with the idea and send their own customers an appreciation arrangement. That’s what I call a win-win-win (and maybe even another win).

Three Reasons to Send Flowers for Business

Wouldn’t you love to get these at work? So would your customers!

Flowers As a Thank You…

Show your appreciation for doing business with you, especially for your best clients. Sure, you say thank you all the time in emails and conversation, and you might have even dropped a handwritten card in the mail. If you really want to wow people, flowers are just the thing.

Flowers As a Celebration…

Send an arrangement when a big project is completed, or some other milestone has been met, such as working together for a year, or you want to congratulate them. What can you celebrate about your business relationships? Did you meet a goal ahead of time? Is it the grand opening of a second location? Name a few reasons, and then go ahead and celebrate with a beautiful bouquet.

Flowers for Real Life…

Birthdays, holidays, and other non-work celebrations are equally good reasons to say hello with a floral arrangement. Sometimes it’s nice to be thought of just because, or if you know they’ve been having a hard time, at work or otherwise. Don’t be afraid to connect with your customers on a more personal level.

Who will you send flowers to next?

October Means Chocolate Cosmos (Flowers AND Drinks!)

10 Oct

Chocolate Cosmsos For October Born Bloomies!

The October flower is the cosmos, and not just any cosmos, but chocolate cosmos. Yum! They are velvety, maroon to a deep chocolate brown, and even have a faint chocolate aroma. Their color really captures the season, and works great with other seasonal favorites like Hydrangeas and Dahlias. The brown acts as a contrast to the lighter creamy colors, or as a neutral against autumnal reds and sky blues.

Though Cosmos come in a pretty wide range of colors (white, red, pink, yellow, and orange) personally, I think the dark and sensuous hues of chocolate cosmos are the best variety. The richness seems especially suited to October, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or other celebration. Their color also makes them well suited to more masculine arrangements.

The Meaning of Cosmos Flowers

Cosmos share their name with the word for the whole universe, both from the Greek word cosmos meaning orderly and beautiful. They symbolize peace and tranquility.

Cosmos are not just the October birth flower, but also the second wedding anniversary flower. It is said that chocolate cosmos in particular mean “I love you more than anybody can.” What a sweet sentiment for either occasion!

Chocolate Cosmos For Sipping Too!

We’re celebrating right? With a birth month flower like chocolate cosmos, how could I pass up the opportunity to pair it with a delicious drink that shares the same name?

October Chocolate Cosmos For Two

1 oz chocolate liqueur

1 oz creme de cocoa

2 oz vanilla vodka

2 oz vodka

Shake all the ingredients together with ice, and strain into two martini glasses. Garnish them with cocoa powder and, of course, chocolate cosmo bud, if desired. Hand one glass to the one who “loves you more than anybody can,” and enjoy!

JBlooms Is Ready To Party With You!

3 Oct

You’re Invited to “The Wedding Experience”, October 27th

So, Bloomies, it’s been a busy few weeks here in the studio, with lots of networking, consulting and planning for upcoming events. One of those events is The Wedding Experience at the Benson Hotel,4:30 p.m. October 27th!

I’m really excited to have been asked to be a part of this fun night, set up to be a mock wedding instead of an actual “Bridal Show”. It’s all divided up into scenes with different themes so you can see how different colors and ideas can look in an ACTUAL “wedding” setting.

This event is designed for engaged couples, as a way for them to have fun with wedding planning. Make sure you and your fiance reserve your spaces now, as this event is quickly selling out.

Dinner, Drinks and Dancing, No Death March Through Vendor Booths

If you’re planning a wedding, you know there’s a lot of work to be done, and many vendors to hire. Many brides hit up the bridal expos hoping to see a wide range of vendors in one shot, and decide who they want to hire. These expos can be exhausting though, and who really wants to look at one more vendor booth after hours slogging through a convention center hall? And good luck getting your hubby-to-be to come along.

The Wedding Experience has decided to take a new approach, and give engaged couples a chance to see some of the city’s best vendors in action. Instead of a death march through from booth to booth, you can enjoy a cocktail, watch a beautiful ceremony with flowers chosen especially for the event (by yours truly, jblooms), enjoy a fabulous dinner, dance with your honey, and top it off with some dessert. You’ll both have a great time. It’s truly a pain free way to plan your wedding.

Each part of the event is held in a different spot in the Benson, so you can see how several of their rooms are set out and lit. You’ll get to see ideas, colors, flowers, music and everything come together in real life.  Those of us featured in the showcases will be on hand to answer question about our work. Each entry price is per couple, and includes dinner and drinks, valet parking, live bands and entertainment, prizes, and all of the evening’s information on DVD to take home.

Get To Know JBlooms

I so excited that am doing the Ceremony Scene, which will take place in the beautiful gilded Crystal Ballroom. I get to work with the amazing Jessica Dunn from jddesign. I know a little about what we will be doing, but don’t want to give TOO much away. However, I think I see lots of bold jewel tones and candles in my future- so romantic! I can’t wait to see you there Bloomies!