JBlooms Is Ready To Party With You!

3 Oct

You’re Invited to “The Wedding Experience”, October 27th

So, Bloomies, it’s been a busy few weeks here in the studio, with lots of networking, consulting and planning for upcoming events. One of those events is The Wedding Experience at the Benson Hotel,4:30 p.m. October 27th!

I’m really excited to have been asked to be a part of this fun night, set up to be a mock wedding instead of an actual “Bridal Show”. It’s all divided up into scenes with different themes so you can see how different colors and ideas can look in an ACTUAL “wedding” setting.

This event is designed for engaged couples, as a way for them to have fun with wedding planning. Make sure you and your fiance reserve your spaces now, as this event is quickly selling out.

Dinner, Drinks and Dancing, No Death March Through Vendor Booths

If you’re planning a wedding, you know there’s a lot of work to be done, and many vendors to hire. Many brides hit up the bridal expos hoping to see a wide range of vendors in one shot, and decide who they want to hire. These expos can be exhausting though, and who really wants to look at one more vendor booth after hours slogging through a convention center hall? And good luck getting your hubby-to-be to come along.

The Wedding Experience has decided to take a new approach, and give engaged couples a chance to see some of the city’s best vendors in action. Instead of a death march through from booth to booth, you can enjoy a cocktail, watch a beautiful ceremony with flowers chosen especially for the event (by yours truly, jblooms), enjoy a fabulous dinner, dance with your honey, and top it off with some dessert. You’ll both have a great time. It’s truly a pain free way to plan your wedding.

Each part of the event is held in a different spot in the Benson, so you can see how several of their rooms are set out and lit. You’ll get to see ideas, colors, flowers, music and everything come together in real life.  Those of us featured in the showcases will be on hand to answer question about our work. Each entry price is per couple, and includes dinner and drinks, valet parking, live bands and entertainment, prizes, and all of the evening’s information on DVD to take home.

Get To Know JBlooms

I so excited that am doing the Ceremony Scene, which will take place in the beautiful gilded Crystal Ballroom. I get to work with the amazing Jessica Dunn from jddesign. I know a little about what we will be doing, but don’t want to give TOO much away. However, I think I see lots of bold jewel tones and candles in my future- so romantic! I can’t wait to see you there Bloomies!

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