October Means Chocolate Cosmos (Flowers AND Drinks!)

10 Oct

Chocolate Cosmsos For October Born Bloomies!

The October flower is the cosmos, and not just any cosmos, but chocolate cosmos. Yum! They are velvety, maroon to a deep chocolate brown, and even have a faint chocolate aroma. Their color really captures the season, and works great with other seasonal favorites like Hydrangeas and Dahlias. The brown acts as a contrast to the lighter creamy colors, or as a neutral against autumnal reds and sky blues.

Though Cosmos come in a pretty wide range of colors (white, red, pink, yellow, and orange) personally, I think the dark and sensuous hues of chocolate cosmos are the best variety. The richness seems especially suited to October, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or other celebration. Their color also makes them well suited to more masculine arrangements.

The Meaning of Cosmos Flowers

Cosmos share their name with the word for the whole universe, both from the Greek word cosmos meaning orderly and beautiful. They symbolize peace and tranquility.

Cosmos are not just the October birth flower, but also the second wedding anniversary flower. It is said that chocolate cosmos in particular mean “I love you more than anybody can.” What a sweet sentiment for either occasion!

Chocolate Cosmos For Sipping Too!

We’re celebrating right? With a birth month flower like chocolate cosmos, how could I pass up the opportunity to pair it with a delicious drink that shares the same name?

October Chocolate Cosmos For Two

1 oz chocolate liqueur

1 oz creme de cocoa

2 oz vanilla vodka

2 oz vodka

Shake all the ingredients together with ice, and strain into two martini glasses. Garnish them with cocoa powder and, of course, chocolate cosmo bud, if desired. Hand one glass to the one who “loves you more than anybody can,” and enjoy!


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