Mixing Business and Pleasure: Flowers and Your Work

17 Oct

Get Creative And Beautiful with Your Customer Appreciation

Bloomies, I know you work hard, and I know you love flowers. That’s why we’re mixing business and pleasure here on JBlooms, and connecting to your customers and partners on a more personal basis. What better way to make your customers and partners feel good about doing business with you and your company than flowers?

Flowers Make a Great Impression

When you send flowers to someone at work, you show them that you sincerely value your relationship with them. It puts a smile on their face, and as a gesture of good will , it is light years ahead of email, or even an impersonal card. Of course, a hand written note  never goes out of style, but you can include one with your flowers.

There’s an added bonus to sending flowers to your customers. Not only does it reflect well on your business and brighten their day and a workplace, but gives your client’s office a boost of professionalism and class as well. This in turn makes them look good, and builds their business. Remember, ultimately their success is your success. Even better, if you’re considerate enough to leave a few of your florist’s cards near the bouquet, it can help their business as well. Who knows, your customer might even run with the idea and send their own customers an appreciation arrangement. That’s what I call a win-win-win (and maybe even another win).

Three Reasons to Send Flowers for Business

Wouldn’t you love to get these at work? So would your customers!

Flowers As a Thank You…

Show your appreciation for doing business with you, especially for your best clients. Sure, you say thank you all the time in emails and conversation, and you might have even dropped a handwritten card in the mail. If you really want to wow people, flowers are just the thing.

Flowers As a Celebration…

Send an arrangement when a big project is completed, or some other milestone has been met, such as working together for a year, or you want to congratulate them. What can you celebrate about your business relationships? Did you meet a goal ahead of time? Is it the grand opening of a second location? Name a few reasons, and then go ahead and celebrate with a beautiful bouquet.

Flowers for Real Life…

Birthdays, holidays, and other non-work celebrations are equally good reasons to say hello with a floral arrangement. Sometimes it’s nice to be thought of just because, or if you know they’ve been having a hard time, at work or otherwise. Don’t be afraid to connect with your customers on a more personal level.

Who will you send flowers to next?

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