Halloween Flowers: Spooky or Subtle, It’s Up to You

24 Oct

Halloween Flowers Set the Macabre Mood

My absolute FAVORITE holiday is Halloween. Partly because it’s when fall really hits here in Oregon. It’s colder, dark earlier, and just a little spookier. But really it’s ALL about the decor. I love skulls, bats, witches and spiders. I obsess over anything and everything pumpkin. The fake body parts get scattered around the house. And, of course, I can’t do without Halloween flowers

I know it’s not usually associated with flowers, but Halloween can be a great time for some creative florals. Making flowers into halloween arrangements is a nice challenge. Normally we use flowers to create much different types of moods. Whether it’s to cheer someone up, or add an elegant touch to a dinner party, we don’t normally go to flowers for scary effects, but the results are so much fun! Whether you go for bright and fun or dark and elegant,  it’s sure to be a frightfully fun bouquet…

Fun and Spooky Halloween Flowers

Last year, I went with a very bright theme? Lime green, bright orange, and deep purples add flair to my favorite creepy containers. I even used hanging amaranthus, which almost looked like slime oozing out of my skeleton hand goblet. I fitted a small container inside of a larger one and filled the gap between the two with candy corn. It was very cute, but make sure your candy corn stays dry or it will disintegrate!

Classic Seasonal Halloween Flowers

If a more subtle approach to halloween is what you’re after, it’s easy to add elements into a fall arrangement to make it more dramatic and dark. This year I did a simple textural arrangement in a clear glass container, and focused on the black millet, orange rose hips and bronze magnolia leaves. Burgundy Mokara orchids and Flax fronds add height. Once again, the colors really tie it to the season and the holiday.

My Halloween Favorites

Along with a great floral arrangement that captures the mood of the season, these are the halloween essentials I just can’t live with out:

  • Candy corn
  • Interesting gourds
  • Classic scary movies
  • Purple, black and green color theme
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show

What are the absolute musts for halloween at your house?

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