Thanksgiving Floral Ideas and Tips

15 Nov

Ideas for Your Table

Is it REALLY Thanksgiving ALREADY?! Time has certainly flown. While my favorite decorating holiday is Halloween, Thanksgiving has it’s fun fall charms! Now’s the time to really let those fall colors and themes shine, before winter, and its holiday colors reign. Here are some tips to help you put those finishing touches on your Thanksgiving table.

Decorating Tips for Your Thanksgiving Table

We’ve got a few ideas and tips to help you create a stunning Thanksgiving table. What ever seasonal decorations you choose, make sure it suits your home’s feel, and how formal you will make your table.

Seasonal Accents

Food as Flowers

Cranberries are not just for your dinner plate! Whether you like them canned or the home made for eating, try some fresh cranberries as table decor. You can use them in the bouquet container (or floating candle votive). If you have a clear vase and don’t want to see the flower stems, add cranberries! They float, and if they’re fresh and unblemished, they don’t bleed into the water. Artichokes are a great floral piece, as are prickly cucumbers. Herbs always look nice in an arrangement. Thanksgiving is such a food centered holiday, it’s natural to incorporate food into your decorations.

Rustic Containers

One of the easiest ways to dress up an arrangement is to use a unique container. A Thanksgiving classic, the cornucopia, makes a great base for a fall flower arrangement. A hollowed log container makes it easy to do a low slung, long arrangement. Even ordinary containers can be dressed up with raffia or birch bark. Do you remember my post about BlumeBox? They make it so easy to get crafty with your containers.

Natural Bits and Pieces

Some of the best parts of the season are the naturally occurring seasonal beauties like acorns, leaves, gourdes, and pine cones. Take the kids on a scavenger hunt to find nature’s fall decor, then use them in containers, in arrangements, or just directly on the table. Get creative with it!


Don’t forget a bit of mood lighting. Small votive candles and tall tapers are equally good candle choices. Whichever you choose, make sure it suits your overall theme, mood, or formality.

Tips on Placing Thanksgiving Table Decor

Scattered Seasonal Accents

When you’re trying to set the scene for a lovely meal, sometimes simpler is better. Let the delicious spread of food take center stage, and use decor as an accent. Think small, scattered arrangements alternated with votives, and seasonal trinkets, like leaves, acorns and pinecones. If you have those smaller “scatter” items on the table, rather than a huge arrangement, it allows your guest to scootch things aside to allow room for another glass, plate, etc, without feeling blocked in by the arrangements.


Depending on the length of your table, you can do one or two centerpieces. If you’ve pulled every leaf out of the basement and extened the table practically into the next room, consider two medium sized arrangements, evenly spaced on the table. This will make the table look balanced, and give everyone a prime seat.  If you’re expecting a smaller crowd, and want to tie the whole table together, try a long and low arrangement.

The standard for centerpiece height is no taller than 14 inches. That allows you to TALK to Aunt Verna, rather than talk to the bouquet in front of her. Unless you’re trying to avoid the two sides of the table being able to converse. (Are the Hatfield’s having the Mccoy’s over?!)

If you are serving the meal at the table, rather than buffet style, make sure the centerpiece is easy to move. One piece can be far less complicated than several smaller arrangements in this case.

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