Last Minute Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

21 Nov

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, Bloomies. Are you ready? All of a sudden, the holiday is here.  If you didn’t remember to buy flowers, don’t worry. There are back ups.

I’m getting my holiday table ready. I’ve put together some flowers of course, but fruits, gourds, and candles will make an appearance too!

Start in the Produce Aisle

You know you’ll have to pop into the supermarket for some last minute items anyhow, so while you’re there, think about the seasonal fruits that might double as decor. Fruit and nuts (and even spices) do double duty- they’re beautiful and tasty.

Pair cranberries with floating candles in a clear container. Try a vase, or a wine glass, or even a goldfish bowl. Whatever glass container you have on hand will work. Cranberries are so festive, and so cheap and easy to turn into a glowing holiday centerpiece.

Pomegranates and persimmons are both classic fall fruits, and both add really great color and shape to an arrangement. Try them in odd numbered groupings (three or five is best), which makes a better composition than even numbers.

Nuts, in the shell, can work in a similar fashion to cranberries. Use them to fill the void in clear containers, or otherwise bring some rustic character to the table. Then guests can dig into the centerpiece if they’re still feeling nibbly after dinner (doubtful !)

You can even find Indian corn, gourds, and mini pumpkins at most supermarkets and produce markets right now. Pick up a few while you’re getting that last stick of butter (because of course those mashed potatoes need another stick). I have all of this sitting around from my fall decorations so I’m just going to do a combination of all the above and make my table ecclectic and warm.

Inside and Outside

Chances are, you already have the makings of a quick and easy table setting if you just look around you, in and out of the house.

Run outside (after finishing reading this blog, of course!) and grab up some pretty leaves. The fresher the better. If they’re wet, just sandwich them in between paper towels and weigh down with a magazine. Before your guests arrive, write each one’s name on a leaf in marker, and place in a place card holder, on their napkin, or on their plate.

You probably have some plain pillar candles (unscented, preferably) around the house. Dress them up with with cinnamon sticks or  twigs lined up around them and tied with twine or ribbon. Again, groups of three make a great statement and feel most balanced to the eye.

If you didn’t pick up a bunch of whole nuts at the store, check outside for acorns. They can be used to the same effect, but collecting them might take some time, It is a good way to get the kids out from under foot in the kitchen though. Send them out with a pail on an acorn hunt!

Above all, remember what you’re thankful for. And if its someone in the room, tell them. It makes it a better Holiday for everyone.



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