Bring Flowers to Work: They’ll Make Everyone Smile!

29 Nov

Set The Tone with Flowers

We know that flowers can make us happy, and set the mood in a room, or at an event. That’s why we always think of flowers for weddings, birthdays, holidays and other celebrations. But we don’t have to wait for big occasions to get a little floral happiness! What about flowers at work?

There are plenty of reasons to bring flowers into the workplace, for customers and for employees. Happy employees make for happy customers, and flowers work the same for both.

Flowers in Professional Offices Can Reduce Anxiety

If you work in a professional setting, like a doctor’s or dentist’s office (or any other type of service that can make people anxious), flowers can be a great way to add a calming feeling to the waiting room. No one likes going to the doctor, but along with some calm lighting and soothing colors on the walls, flowers in the waiting room (and elsewhere around the office), can really make the experience much nicer. We know that flowers make people smile- wouldn’t it be nice to have a reason to smile while you wait for your appointment? Subtle, traditional, and composed flower arrangements will help you get this effect.

Flowers Can Reflect Your Creativity at Work

Do you work someplace creative, like a hair salon, web design company, or even a tattoo parlor? If your workplace is a creative place, bring in some bright, colorful, or unusual flower arrangements that reflect what you can do for your client’s hair, website (or skin!).  You can really go to town here, and let your flower choice reflect your work style.

Flowers Behind the Scenes

Not all workplaces are open to the public. Do you work at an administrative office that doesn’t see customers or clients? What better way to boost office morale? A beautiful bunch of flowers takes the sting out of Monday mornings (well, some of it at least- you do still have to face your email inbox). Put them in a common area like the reception area or kitchen where everyone can get a glimpse and smile.

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