Flower Arrangements That Think Outside the Gift Box

12 Dec

Winter Decorating Beyond Red, White, and Green

The Holiday season is HERE! Like I said at Halloween I LOVE to decorate, and winter is no exception. However, I’m not a big fan of the red, white, and green combo, even for holiday flower arrangements.

I grew up in a Jewish household, so the winter decorations were always blue and white and silver. It’s a beautiful palette that I’ve kept and expanded on, even now that I actually do get a tree each year. Here are a few favorite non-traditional color themes for I really love.

My Favorite Color Themes for Holiday Flowers and Other Winter Decorationsred-bouquet

Really Red

Be bold and go for deep, dark reds, without green OR white. Playing with textures in deeper shades of red will keep the visual interest in this monochromatic color scheme. I recommend sticking with similar shaped ornaments (balls, for example) to keep it from getting too busy.

Winter Whites

Another one of my favorite color themes for winter flower arrangements is also monochromatic: white in shades of champagne, platinum, and silver. Crisp, snowy and shiny, this is my favorite color scheme for a white or flocked tree. It also slides right into New Years, especially if you add black accents.

Great Greens

Green is a classic Christmas color, but you don’t have to stick with pine boughs (though they do make a lovely base to flower arrangements.) Try apple green, turquoise and peacock for a twist on the traditional green. Peacock hues and feathers are a popular bridal theme lately, and it transitions to winter decorations quite nicely!

Victorian Vintage

Try flower arrangements in shades of burgundy, pink, and white, with gold and silver. Dusty colored roses are a classic choice for this theme. Use antiqued ornaments and lots of white lights for an old-fashioned, “Victorian Christmas” look.

Your Own Yuletide Picks

Here’s the secret that celebrity event planners and decorators swear by: match your winter decorations to your existing interior decorating. If your flowers and ornaments match your furniture, walls, and rugs it adds an overall cohesiveness, allowing it to stretch farther into winter if you choose.

winter white flowers


I hope this guide to unique color themes for your winter decorations gets you thinking about how to dress up your holidays with gorgeous  holiday florals.

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