January Birth Month Flower: Snowdrops

2 Jan
Snowdrops arrangement from bloom.uk.com

Snowdrops arrangement from bloom.uk.com

A Resolution: More Flowers in 2013!

Happy New Year, Bloomies! 2012 was a rough year on many people I know, and I think many of us are looking forward to a smoother 2013. This year I’m going to start off right. A little late, but right. More flowers, less stress. Hoping the same for you!

Snowdrop: The Better January Birthday Flower

Normally, when I do the flower of the month for birthdays I just grab what’s top of the list, the most common. However, I know people who hate the flower most commonly associated with this month- carnations. So we’re going to flip the script, as it were.

Snowdrops are tiny, white and love the snow. Often they are the first bulb flowers besides crocus to show in the late winter/early spring, popping up in the melting snow. The heads hang downward from the stem. Each flower only has three petals.

They are quite small and delicate, so work best in bunches. They work especially great in simple arrangements with out much filler or fuss.

Meaning of Snowdrops

It’s proper name is Galatus Nivalis. Its generic name, Greek in origin, Galathus means “Milkflower”. Nivalis is Latin meaning “relating to or resembling snow”.  It is also referred to as the bulbous violet and is often classified under Narcissus in botany books.

In Victorian times snowdrops were considered foreboding of death, due to their appearance in cemeteries- and people wouldn’t allow them in their homes. Don’t let this history turn you off of snowdrops though!

Today they stand as a symbol of sympathy, or can be given to a bride as a symbol of optimism and virtue. And as one of the first blooms to peek from beneath the winter snow, they’re clearly a symbol of hope and renewal. What a better way to celebrate a January birth?

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