Flowers for Kids: Five Tips for Choosing an Arrangement

23 Jan

Think Flowers for Kids: They’ll Love Them as Much as You Do!

This bright woodland themed kids arrangement with a cute bird would brighten any sick kid's day.

This bright woodland themed kids arrangement with a cute bird would brighten any sick kid’s day.

Happy Wednesday, Bloomies!

So I’ve been thinking a lot about kids. I heard a sad story about a girl with Leukemia. And one about an entire family of flu-bugged children. Poor little nuggets!

It’s so easy to think of adults in the hospital needing some cheer and well wishes. But, kids get sick and hurt, too. And lots of times it can be really scary to be so little and not know what’s going on. Guess what? Kids like flowers as much as adults!

When I was little, my mom would sometimes get me a stuffed animal clutching a single stem of freesia, or a rose; a little token as a “Good Job, ” or “Congratulations!” for a good report card or for making Honor Roll. Those small gestures made me feel loved and very grown-up. My very own flowers!

Tips for Choosing Flowers for Kids

Wanting to continue the tradition? Here are some pointers:

Keep It Small

Kids don’t need a 100.00 blowout to feel appreciated. A bud vase, or a stuffed animal holding a little something can often mean more. Kids love when stuff is “kid sized,” and flowers are no exception.

Cheerful Colors

Think bright, fun colors. All white probably won’t grab their attention. Find out their favorite color and use it.

Include Toys or Sweets

Add a “trinket”- a cute little bird, a little box with goodies inside, or some candy with their flowers make it super child friendly.

Fragrance Free

While there might not be any allergies to flowers in the recipient, you should avoid sending scented flowers to the hospital. Advise your florist of chemo treatments or hospital stays. It helps us make the correct floral choices.

Pick a Theme

Even if you don’t include a trinket or stuffed animal, they might have a favorite game, show or character whose colors or concepts can be integrated into the arrangement.

Are the ideas flowing? Great! Find a deserving child and order them some flowers!

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