February Birth Month Flowers: Pansies and Primrose, Oh My!

6 Feb

February Bloomies Get the Cutest Flowers of the Year

Pansies in a teacup, just for your special day!

Pansies in a teacup, just for your special day!

February is best known for roses, but if you’re a February baby, you get to celebrate with the cutest little birth month flowers of the year: Pansies and Primrose. Usually I pick one birth month flower to highlight each month, generally the one I like better or the less old fashioned choice.

This month however, I just can’t pick between Pansies and Primrose, and the good news is, you don’t have to either. Both of these spring plants look nice in a “Garden Basket”- a basket collection of small houseplants and other plantables. Of course, just a few on a cupcake, or in a small teacup planter is a great way to celebrate a birthday too.

Pansies for February Birthdays

I learned something new today, Bloomies! Correction- I learn something new most days, but today I learned something about flowers: A pansy is a version of a violet!

I was researching Violets and Primrose because they’re both the February birth month flower. When Wikipedia is the only source on something, I begin to panic. How did Wiki get the information if it doesn’t exist? Then I saw the photo link on the site and it clicked. I was looking for Violets, and I should have been looking for PANSIES!

Pansies are early spring flowers common in gardens and yards in the NW. Usually white, purple, yellow or a combination of those, they resemble little lion’s heads (to me, anyway). If you give a pansy, it means “you occupy my thoughts”.

Primrose for February Birthdays

A sweet little birthday treat: cupcakes decorated with primrose for February.

A sweet little birthday treat: cupcakes decorated with primrose for February babies.

Primrose, the other February birth month flower , is also a very common NW garden plant, popping up in early spring. It’s generally the first one I see at the garden centers and the flower market. There wasn’t a ton of information on these flowers, but I found a sweet clip of a poem I enjoyed:
‘Primrose, first-born child of Ver,
Merry Springtime’s harbinger
–Beaumont & Fletcher.

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