Valentines Flower Ideas that Don’t Suck

13 Feb

Leave the Wilting Red Roses at the Gas Station PleaseValentines Flowers: Pretty in pink and purple

Bloomies- It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Do I have your order? If not, it’s not too late to make your own! If you use the tips I gave you two weeks ago in my blog on basic composition, you can totally do this and get yourself out of the dog house. I know, it feels like a quiz, but look: There’s the link to it –> step-by-step.

Here are three out of the box, non yawn-inducing Valentine’s Day arrangements… and NONE of them involve a single red rose. Ready?

Easy Valentine’s Color Combinations

Start with a winning color palate.  I know that red is the standard color for valentines day, but we’re trying to get beyond “standard” here. Besides, good luck finding a nice bunch of red flowers at 4:00 pm on Valentines Day. Open up your color options and you’ll open up your flower options. Stick with this color scheme and you can’t go wrong: lavender, pink, purple, white, and green. Use any flowers in any of those colors. They will all work together, in pairs, or in monochromatic bunches. Bonus points for anything that is unusual or fragrant.  Negative points for babies breath.

ARRANGEMENT #1: Monochromatic, Monotype BouquetWhite tulips

Grab ONE color of ONE type of flower (example: Tulips). Get at least 15 stems. Some places have flowers in bunches of 10 and others only have 5, so COUNT! Select a vase that will allow the flowers fan out: something larger on the top than the bottom achieves this. Remove one or two layers of leaves, trim the ends and place in water.

ARRANGEMENT #2: Mixed Garden Vase Bouquet

Pink, purple, white, and not a single red rose to be seen. Absolutely adorable.

Pink, purple, white, and not a single red rose to be seen. Absolutely adorable.

If you can only find random stock that’s been picked over? Grab a bunch of stuff that looks good together (stick to the colors I gave you, if possible) to make up one mixed bouquet that still looks cohesive. Again, make sure the stem count in the bag matches what you want so you have enough.

ARRANGEMENT #3: Big Impact, Tiny Budget

A single lily sets the stage for a lovely dinner.

A single lily sets the stage for a lovely dinner.

Did you blow all your cash on dinner and wine instead? That’s not such a bad thing, but even a single bloom will go a long way to make the evening special. Small arrangements can still speak volumes if done correctly. A single large bloom floating in a pretty bowl, a bud vase with a couple flowers or a tiny handful of flowers can mean a ton.

If you choose to go with a tiny handful of blooms, go for some real flowers, not yard weeds. Roots with dirt still attached will probably ruin the gesture. Unless she likes roots, in which case I recommend skipping flowers and buying her a bunch of carrots with pretty green tops. It’d dinner and florals!

Good Luck, Bloomies. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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