What Your Favorite Flower Says About You

20 Feb

Find Meaning in Your Favorite Flowers

If you cant pick a favorite, just go with a little bit of everything!

If you cant pick a favorite, just go with a little bit of everything!

Every flower has some meaning attached to it, and we use those meanings to send the appropriate message with our arrangements. For instance, we all know that yellow roses are a symbol of friendship and fidelity, while red roses are for love and romance. Did you ever think about what flowers can say about you though?

We all have our favorite flowers, regardless of the meaning. Certain flowers just speak to us individually, and we just love them. There’s no real reason why one person loves Tulips and the next person loves Peonies. When we look into it though, a lot can be learned about a person from their favorite bloom.

11 Common Favorite Flowers and What They Say About You


Roses are timeless and classic. If roses are your favorite flower, you probably appreciate the finer things in life, and might be a bit old fashioned, in the best of ways.


Peonies are soft and full, dainty but not petite- there’s a lot of flower in each bloom. Peony admirers are full of heart, just like the flower: true romantics, and good listeners.


Orchids are exotic and delicate, but survive on scraps of wood and little water. Orchid lovers are just as tenacious, thrive in any condition, and look good doing it!


Sunflowers are big and bold. Sunflowers on your desk top tell the world that you’re not afraid to take what’s yours and speak your mind.


Tulips work well in many styles of arrangements, in just about any setting. Tulip lovers are easy going and competent, equally at ease in the board room as in the wilderness.


Daffodils are some of the first blooms to pop up in spring. They’re the go to flower for optimistic, hard working types.


Lilies are vibrant and smell delectable, adding a lot of energy to a room. Lilies appeal to those who are sensuous and generous with everyone around them.

Cala Lily

Cala Lilies have a certain understated aura of class and grace. Cala Lily fans are equally refined and have high standards.


Hydrangeas have such big poms, but each bloom is made up of so many individual flower-ettes and petals.  If Hydrangeas make you smile, you’re great with the details, but don’t lose sight of the big picture.


Anemones are quirky and fun, but work well in just about any kind of arrangement. If these cute little flowers tickle your fancy, you’re probably a team player who brings out the best in those around you.

What is your favorite flower and what does it say about you?

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