What’s In Bloom? Fave Spring Flowers to Bring the Outdoors In Right Now

20 Mar

Spring Has Sprung!

It’s finally Spring, which here in the PNW really means rain for another three months, but that’s what makes this place so green and lush in the summer.fave spring flowers

MY Favorite Spring Flowers

These are my favorite spring flowers to work with, and some of the easiest for you to find right now. They’re all springing up beautifully right now, and if you’ve planted a few bulbs or bushes over the years, your garden is probably showing signs of life.


This seems a little redundant, but it needs to be said that this trumpet of spring really does call in all the rest of the springtime blooms, and gives us a bright sunny yellow to look at while the drizzle continues.


They come in almost every color and in lots of different shapes, so the tulip is one of my most oft used springtime buds. They do continue to grow, even after cutting, so they are a good flower for those who enjoy change.


Fragrant, and beautiful, it comes in a few shades of purple/lavender and can sometimes be found in white. This one can be tricky to use as a cut flower… you need to crush the stem after cutting to allow for proper uptake of water. I love my sledge hammer for this project!


Not really something that can be used in a cut arrangement, but as a bulb it’s festive in a potted plant container, and of course it’s always good for making Saffron!


There are the big, fragrant heads of hyacinth that are fun alone or in arrangements, and then there are the little grape hyacinths… tinier, more and delicate than their large counterparts, but fun clustered together in a posey.


This is the super fragrant lemon smelling plant that blooms this time of year: tiny four petaled pale pink flowers in clusters at the end of the stems. Again, they’re not very useful in a mixed arrangement, but their smell is incredible and I recommend having at least one on your property.

Blooming branches

All of those trees that are just about to pop or are just showing their buds are always a fantastic way to bring a little spring indoors. Cut them before they bloom and bring them inside for a fun show of nature. My faves include Forsythia (the yellow one that blooms in February) Quince (hot coral blooms on a dark burgundy stem) Plum, and Cherry.

Spring Is In The Air, Really!

quince blossoms

Are you sensing a theme? I look forward to the fragrances of spring as much as I do the colors. To see things blooming is such a relief after the dark months, but when the air is filled with fragrance it is also an early harbinger of summer.
Hope this inspires you to bring a little outside in, or get to planning for next Spring’s showcase of colors!

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