Easter Flower Arrangement Ideas

27 Mar

Easter Sunday Wouldn’t Be Complete Without Flowers
Easter arrangement

Easter is this Sunday Bloomies! Easter is a celebration of re-birth, of everything in bloom and growing after a long winter. Flowers are as crucial to an Easter celebration as the Easter Bunny himself. There are lots of cute flower-centric things that are “springy” and festive for the holiday, beyond Easter Lilies or plastic basket grass (unless you like those, in which case, have at it.)

Tips for Easter Flower Arrangements

Size and Shape Matter

This week I did a few spring bouquets of pale green, white, pink and lavender. Low round, oval, or rectangular arrangements are best for centerpieces on a table. Taller or wider arrangements are best for buffets, counters, or sideboards… you want to see your table mates!

Include “Easter-y” Elements

Particularly “Easter-y” items you could use to amp up the holiday theme include:

Easter Eggs

Tuck colored eggs into a basket of flowers- so sweet! See, you can get past your plastic “grass” fascination. What a sophisticated take on the traditional Easter Basket.

BunniesShort Easter Arrangement

I have super cute rabbit cutouts I included this year. Painted dark brown, it’s reminicent of a chocolate bunny, without the melting or the calories.


An arrangement that includes a cross or a flower covered cross would be great for a church gathering or a post church brunch.


Seriously. Last year I used rabbit and chick peeps in all different colors, stuck them on sticks and made a fun diorama instead of having fussy, formal florals. Great for a party with lots of kids in attendance.


Also known as the Lenten Rose; this springtime, Northwest flower makes a simple, gorgeous arrangement all by it’s lonesome. It has no fragrance, so it’s a bonus for those allergy sufferers.

I hope this gets your flower juices flowing. Have fun and enjoy the amazing weather we’re supposed to have!

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