Funeral Flowers vs. Memorial Plants

11 Apr

Hello Bloomsies.

Sorry this post is late; yesterday was the first anniversary of my dad’s death, and I felt like I needed a moment before I wrote this.

rose bloomBeing in the flower business, I have done more than my share of funeral arrangements. Having someone close to you die gives a different perspective of the process. There were so many arrangements people had sent my step mom that she wanted to have at the memorial, I offered to put some in my cooler and take them to the memorial the next day. Which was fine, until I got there and say the size and enormity of all the other arrangements that were there. Clearly, transportation for most grieving families is an issue.

Also, these arrangements are beautiful and last a while, but inevitably fade and leave the recipient nothing but vases to fill or get rid of.

Plants might not seem as beautiful a sentiment, but they last longer and are a constant reminder to the person that you are thinking of them. If you know the deceased liked a particular type of plant (indoors OR out) get that for the family members. It can be planted outside and be a yearly blooming reminder, an evergreen memory, or a houseplant that gives you oxygen and comfort.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask the recipient. If you’re not sure, say “I am feeling the need to get you something as a sympathy gift. Is there something you’d prefer?” They might not even want a plant of flowers, perhaps just a meal or a sympathetic shoulder. Anything is welcome in the time of grief.

Peace and Love, Jessicasingle tree in field

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