Five Easy Ways to Bring Spring Inside

29 May

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Pink Tulips in the RainSpring is experiencing some technical difficulties here in the Pacific Northwest, it seems—our April showers have brought May showers, too! With constant rain and chilly temperatures, it can be easy to forget that it really is Spring, and things really are growing and blooming and alive!

Five Ideas for Using Flowers in your Home

Any space looks better in color, and what better way to add color than through beautiful, living flowers? Bring spring indoors with these ideas.


A wreath of spring flowers on your front door is a welcome sight to guests who come to your home. It makes them feel more at home, and reminds them of sunshine and beautiful spring weather—even if they ran through the  pouring rain to get to your front door!

 Spring Garlands

Normally we think of garlands on the mantel as something we do during the holidays. Not so fast! Spring garlands can be a beautiful way to bring color into your home. A bright, lovely strand of flowers or leaves is a quick reminder that spring is here.

Potted Plants

Potted plants are another great way to bring the outdoors in. Tulips and miniature roses are two good choices, and can be transplanted outside when you are done enjoying them in the house.


Succulent arrangements make for wonderful centerpieces or to enjoy grouped together with other arrangements. You can buy succulents already arranged at a flower shop, or you can get your hands dirty and create your own. Find books at your local library if you need ideas to get started.


Traditional bouquets are always a safe and easy bet. They look good in any corner of the house, are easy to care for and are also a great gift idea. If someone you know is feeling a little down with all the rain, bringing them a bouquet of flowers in their favorite color is a sure way to cheer them right up.

There you have it, Bloomies! Use these tips and your home will be bright and happy in no time!

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