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Father’s Day Flowers? A Stunning, No Frills Arrangement for Dad

12 Jun

Dad’s Can Appreciate Floral Art Too!

Father's Day FlowersGood Afternoon, Bloomies! This weekend is Father’s Day. Are you ready? If not, I have created a super simple many arrangement that you can do yourself. Enjoy!

Ikebana influenced Father’s Day Arrangement

When it comes to men’s flowers, I tend to choose big, bold blooms, or potted plants, but not this time. Instead of going for tropical flowers, sunflowers, or succulents, I’ve chosen an minimalist arranging style. Ikebana is a Japanese style of arranging that is simple, with three main components standing for Earth, Heaven, and Man.

I took this idea and used each item in multiples of three (for the most part). I used what I had on hand: Blues and greens in neat textures (Thistle, Ergynium, Galax, Larkspur, poppy pods, artichoke, and Bells of Ireland).

How to Craft a Father’s Day Floral Arrangement

Ikebana: Earth, Heaven, and Man in Three Simple Stages

Start with a container that is streamlined, sleek and low. Mine required foam to hold the flowers, but you can get “pin frogs” (little pin covered disks you can stick the stems into) at a craft or floral store if you prefer.

I put the two biggest items, my thistle and the artichoke, low in the front of the container for focus. I added a few galax leaves to cover some of the foam base, and started building out with ergynium and poppy pods.

Then, add three TALL items. I used the bells of Ireland for my tallest feature. These can angle to the sides slightly, a bit like a W.

Repeat the W/three with another type of flower, in front of and slightly shorter than the tallest.

I repeated this process one last time with the Veronica, echoing the original W and allowing for the negative space between the stems to become part of the arrangement. Cover any open foam with extra low flowers, galax, other leaves, or moss. That’s it. You just did Ikebana!

Have a fantastic dad filled weekend, and remember to tell him Thanks.


May Day: Traditions Old and New

1 May

It’s Already May!May Day flowers

Good morning, Bloomies! It’s MAY! The year is just shooting right past us. Before we get too far into this year, I would like to pause and look at the traditions of May 1st, also known as May Day.

 Ancient Roots of May Day

May Day started with pagan roots, in the holiday called Beltane. The maypole was a focal point of the old English village rituals. People would get up at dawn to go outside and gather flowers and branches to decorate their homes. Women would braid flowers into their hair, and both men and women would decorate their bodies.

Beltane marks the return of vitality and passion.  To celebrate your own version of Beltane, gather up some plants or flowers to display in your home. Moms and daughters can braid their hair, and weave in a few blossoms.

Bringing the Tradition to Life

I remember when I was little, our neighbor would gather flowers to leave on our porch; she would ring the doorbell and run, as to remain anonymous behind the gift of spring.

This is a fun use of those flowers that you gathered on your morning walk, and I think it should be resurrected as a new fun May Day tradition. Even just a handful of the common spring bluebells or lilacs would be a welcome gift for a neighbor or a friend.

I love the May Pole, but this “ding-dong ditch” seems more fun, and takes less practice, and fewer people.

I give you this challenge: even if you give ONE person ONE flower, let’s all try and practice this new tradition today!Ding Dong

Unusual January Holidays Are Great Excuses for Flowers

9 Jan

Don’t Wait a Month: January Holidays to Keep You In Blooms

What would you rather look at: a stack of papers or a delicate orchid? Go on, give yourself the gift of a clean desk- it's a great place for flowers!

What would you rather look at: a stack of papers or a delicate orchid. Go on, give yourself the gift of a clean desk- it’s a great place for flowers!

Holy moly, Bloomies, it’s still only January, right? All of a sudden I thought I was a WEEK away from Valentines, with no orders to fill. That would have made me sad! Luckily, it IS only the second week of January, and there are plenty of ‘holidays’ between then and now to fill my time. Don’t believe me? Check out this list.

6 Best Reasons to Give (or Get!) Flowers in January

This year:
  • January 12th is the Miss America Pageant. Award yourself (or that special lady) “Miss Fabulous” with a big pageant bouquet.
  • January 13th is Make Your Dreams Come True Day. I don’t know about you, but my dreams always include flowers.
  • January 14th is Clean off Your Desk Day AND Organize the Home day. Replace the stack of files with a low arrangement of fragrant flowers.
  • January 17th is  Get To Know Your Customers Day. Thank them for answering your questions/survey with a beautiful desktop arrangement (to go on their still neat desk from the 14th) or even just a single bloom.
  • January 22nd is Celebration of Life Day. What better way to do so than with real live flowers? Let them know you appreciate them in your life with a bouquet or a living, potted beauty.
  • January 31st is Inspire Your Heart With Art Day. Flower Design is a form of art. Pick up an architectural or textural arrangement inspired by modern art.
There are so many more weird holidays, but these are the ones that make the BEST excuses for buying flowers. As if you need one. Even if your gift is a single daisy, it lets the recipient know you were thinking of them, and that you care.

Evergreens Give Your Holiday Flowers Staying Power

5 Dec

christmas evergreens with ornaments

Evergreens Bring Holiday Spirit to Your Floral Arrangements

With relatives, friends and company in and out of your house all season, it’s great to have fresh holiday flowers to welcome them. But

how do you keep them fresh without replacing them each week? Luckily we are in the perfect season to keep arrangements lasting a LONG time with minimal effort (and just a little sap,) with the help of a winter standby, evergreens. Yup, evergreens, like your tree and wreath.

Start Holiday Flowers With Greens

Boughs of evergreens are a great starting point for your holiday flowers. They are plentiful (especially here in the Northwest), and cheap to boot. Swags can be as little as 10.00. They are also really long lasting. Use evergreens in place of fern and eucalyptus filler in your holiday arrangements. Use this seasonal approach for a long lasting base, then you can swap out the more delicate flowers as they fade. This allows you to stretch your floral budget and have fresh holiday flowers straight through the season, into the new year.

My Favorite Evergreens for Holiday Arrangements

Start with evergreens, then dress it up...

Start with evergreens, then dress it up…

Cedar is fragrant and soft, so lovely for Christmas.
Pine adds the smell of a Christmas tree anywhere you use it.
Princess Pine looks like over sized bottle brushes, and is good for larger arrangements.
Holly is a perennial holiday favorite that lasts forever, and if it is without berries, may even dry nicely.

Easy Care Holiday Flowers Complete the Arrangement

Clearly and arrangement is more exciting with actual flowers included, and not just a branch of cedar, so I recommend inexpensive, hardy flowers that you can exchange out for fresh when they wilt and not break the bank. For example, carnations last a few weeks, but eventually wither. If you remove the carnations, freshen the water and add in Alstromeria, you have a whole new arrangement for under 5.00. Easy! Or, you received a beautiful arrangement made with evergreens and roses, but the roses wilted within a few days. Toss the limp stems and add another flower in a similar hue to what you removed to keep the arrangement going.

My favorite Long Lasting Holiday Flowers

Carnations are traditional, inexpensive, and come in many colors.
Amaryllis has big showy heads and can hold their own without water for a little while.
Lilies, especially big, white lilies, are beautiful against the dark greens, and smell amazing.
Callas have lots of colors to choose from, and elegant enough for a New Years arrangement.
Alstromeria is easy to find at the supermarket, inexpensive, and adds a nice contrasting texture.

I hope these tips help you out this season. Happy Holidays!