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Nom Nom Nom: Venus Fly Traps!

19 Jun

Carnivorous Flora: Hungry Little Plants

Ack! It's hungry!

Ack! It’s hungry!

Hello Bloomies,

I’m excited to give you a peek into another side of my personality and discuss something that’s been fascinating to me almost my entire life: Venus Flytraps!

Feed Me, Seymour!

I am 99% certain the obsession started with Little Shop of Horrors. A story about a man-eating plant? Awesome! Of course, unless they’re from another planet or have been given a comic book sized dose of radiation, Venus Flytraps don’t actually get big enough to eat entire people, but the concept is fun and lets the imagination wander.

Venus Flytraps are ancient plants; one of several hundred species of carnivorous plants that trap, eat, and digest other living creatures. They are actually native to North and South Carolina, but are endangered, and are mostly propagated in green houses for sale.

Caring for Your Venus Flytrap

They prefer LIVE prey, as they need the motion of the bug to cause the trap to shut and start the digestive process. You can feed them dead bugs, but then you have to squeeze the trap shut and move the food around yourself. Yuck! If the bug is too big, the plant may actually die. Feeding them a live bug a couple of times a month is usually enough.

Add Some Excitement to Your Plant Collection!

They don’t survive if cut, so they don’t go well in arrangements, but would be a fun addition to a plant basket, or a fun “floral” gift for a young scientist.Want one? They’re on Amazon. If you’re in the Portland area, check out cobraplants.com. They have the three most common carnivorous houseplants for sale. Their website is set up to help you figure out the best plant for your indoor OR outdoor needs.


Father’s Day Flowers? A Stunning, No Frills Arrangement for Dad

12 Jun

Dad’s Can Appreciate Floral Art Too!

Father's Day FlowersGood Afternoon, Bloomies! This weekend is Father’s Day. Are you ready? If not, I have created a super simple many arrangement that you can do yourself. Enjoy!

Ikebana influenced Father’s Day Arrangement

When it comes to men’s flowers, I tend to choose big, bold blooms, or potted plants, but not this time. Instead of going for tropical flowers, sunflowers, or succulents, I’ve chosen an minimalist arranging style. Ikebana is a Japanese style of arranging that is simple, with three main components standing for Earth, Heaven, and Man.

I took this idea and used each item in multiples of three (for the most part). I used what I had on hand: Blues and greens in neat textures (Thistle, Ergynium, Galax, Larkspur, poppy pods, artichoke, and Bells of Ireland).

How to Craft a Father’s Day Floral Arrangement

Ikebana: Earth, Heaven, and Man in Three Simple Stages

Start with a container that is streamlined, sleek and low. Mine required foam to hold the flowers, but you can get “pin frogs” (little pin covered disks you can stick the stems into) at a craft or floral store if you prefer.

I put the two biggest items, my thistle and the artichoke, low in the front of the container for focus. I added a few galax leaves to cover some of the foam base, and started building out with ergynium and poppy pods.

Then, add three TALL items. I used the bells of Ireland for my tallest feature. These can angle to the sides slightly, a bit like a W.

Repeat the W/three with another type of flower, in front of and slightly shorter than the tallest.

I repeated this process one last time with the Veronica, echoing the original W and allowing for the negative space between the stems to become part of the arrangement. Cover any open foam with extra low flowers, galax, other leaves, or moss. That’s it. You just did Ikebana!

Have a fantastic dad filled weekend, and remember to tell him Thanks.

Men’s Flowers…Really!

25 Sep

Fresh Flowers and Plants for Men are More Common Than You Think

I know. everyone assumes flowers are for girls. But did you know two thirds of my office deliveries are for men? There are several floral options that are more masculine than the typical babies breath and rose arrangement (not that I use babies breath!). From the structured look of tropicals, to the bold size of sunflowers, and the classic look of succulents, there are a ton of great ways to surprise men with florals.

Great Floral Picks For Men

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